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Author, Advocate, Entrepreneur
Jeff Willerton is a high school educated guy who fell into writing a column for three small north-central Alberta weekly newspapers in the late '90s. In 2000 he collected those columns into a book he's been revising and updating over the years, leading to what is now the 21st edition of FIX CANADA.
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FIX CANADA (2000-2024)

The cause is self-explanatory. The book is a collection of clear and penetrating essays written by the unabashedly conservative Jeff Willerton. Each original essay is followed by an update on the issues covered therein, and there's enough history in the mix to make things make sense. As one reader said, “Willerton has taken historical facts and current events, connected them together like pieces of a puzzle, and presented it in a way that anyone can understand.”
People have read early editions five, six, seven times. A reader claims to have read the 16th edition between ten and fifteen times. Another described the 17th as the best twenty bucks he’d ever spent, the message in the 18th should be shouted from the rooftops, and the expanded COVID-19th edition was the atomic bomb compared to the series of conventional weapons that preceded it. The 21st is the latest and greatest and probably final edition.

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